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Dec. 21st, 2018 06:23 pm
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What's up gamers, my name is Camcha (they/he), I'm 19 and a student and wasps live in my large intestine.

I'm into Lovecraft (specifically the stories about Randolph Carter, more specifically Rantep) and Star Trek and Twin Peaks and like, theory and some other shit. I'm also into classical/early music and weird subcultures and conspiracy type stuff. If we have any aligned interests comment on this post, I came here because of tumblr bullshit and am looking for new people to talk to in fandom spaces :3

I still have tumblr, and also twitter, but message me privately for those pwease

fuck the man

fic links under the cut :3 )
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Hey, and thanks for writing for me! A friend linked me to this exchange and I figured it would be fun to do. I'm new to these sorts of things so do forgive me. To copy what a friend did for this, I'm going to do general likes/dislikes and more specific prompts under a cut.

gen. likes: literary/cultural references, examinations of tropes, interesting AUs, humor that isn't over the top, bratty characters, cgl, punishment/discipline, relationships between very different characters, slash fics involving friends/peers of characters, revenge, paranormal, violence, role reversal, domesticity, hurt/comfort, established relationship, exploration of minutiae

gen. dislikes: a/b/o, slavery, underage, incest, preachy/ott issuefic, male dom/fem sub, first-person, things played too straight, sadstuck, ageplay with littles who act too infantile/childish, noncon, grimdark

Kink/smut is, of course, welcome, and one of these requests I think is pretty much tailored towards that.

Specific prompts under the cut )

Thank you again!!


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